Snackimals by Barbara’s Bakery. Thank you Jesus for this divine cookie! Not only is it an abfab option for my teething baby and picky toddler – mama happens to love to dunk them in her coffee!

This crisp cookie is delectable and the serving size is decent – 10 cookies. It’s 120 calories, only 4g fat, 80mg sodium and 8g sugars! My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal. I still have the others to taste but I’m sure they are all scrumptious. As aforementioned, I love chocolate. The chocolate chip (believe it or not) actually have the perfect amount of chocolate-iness to scratch the itch! They are awesome for coffee-dunking and a better alternative to the oh-so delicious biscotti.

I have subscribed to these on AmazonMom and enjoy the major $$$ savings! I first tried them at Sprouts Market on sale, 2 for $6. I was hooked immediately. I was close to Whole Foods and popped in only to find them at $4.99 a bag! Yikes But now with my AmazonMom subscription savings – I pay $15 for a case (six bags)! They are delivered for FREE and it’s one less trip I have to make to support my chocolate addiction!