These bags are stylish and ever so functional. When open, you can fill them up with anything and they roll up tiny to just throw into your purse or diaper bag. I actual have about 10 now. I keep two in my purse, one in my diaper bag, one in the car and the rest at home in a couple places. I’m starting a list of all uses I can think of to justify the cost! They are so pretty, durable and Eco friendly. They come in so many patterns and colors to let you show your style!



List of uses:

  • A cover for your beautiful purse in case you get stuck in the rain
  • Carry extra items to the car when you are getting ready to leave
  • Carry wet swim/beach items home
  • Shopping bags for groceries or any retail purchases
  • Storage bag with spare diapers, blanket, bib, clothes and toys to keep in your vehicle
  • Travel bag with anything
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