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Nuk-Gerber Warm or Cool Relief PacksThere are times when its not so fun being pregnant, nursing or just existing!  These relief packs have truly come in handy.  I have definately gotten my $15 out of them.  The NUK/Gerber Warm or Cool Relief Pack are wonderful!  They have the hole so you can really get comfortable relief while experiencing pain while nursing.  They fold over easily and don’t get too hot or too cold to put directly on your skin.  You can adjust them to help pretty much any area you need some relief in.  Here are few ways they can help:

  • Warm compress to help with milk let-down while nursing
  • Soothe tender breasts while pregnant
  • Soothe nipples after breast feeding
  • Relief from headaches or neck pain (you can even use your boppy over them for pressure and neck comfort while laying down)

I purchased at Target but they are available online at Amazon.com as well.