How time consuming can laundry be sometimes?!?  To snap or not?  Even though the clothes are small, folding can take up extra precious minutes that be used doing something for yourself!  I usually find myself doing the laundry when the girls are asleep or playing, so I’ve been trying to find ways to shave the time down.  Maybe I’m too obsessed with it but I like for the clothes to be folded properly so they aren’t completely wrinkled when I need to dress them. Here are few tips that have helped speed up laundry time:

  • Laundry TimeFOLD them as soon as they are dry and wrinkles are minimized
  • As you toss dirty clothes into the hamper, turn the clothes right-side out and snap or button anything you’d normally snap when folding.  You have no idea how much time this little step saves when folding later.  Now when you fold clothes, its super quick and has cut my time in half!
  • Oxi-Clean powder is great to soak stained clothes from unfortunate explosions.  Keep some in a sealed baggie or plastic container in the bathroom.  Right after the mess occurs: rinse well, sprinkle Oxi-Clean on item and rub into stain to make a thin paste