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I admit… I have hBugaboo Stroller Wheel Boardad a love/hate relationship with my Bugaboo stroller.  Its mostly been LOVE but I still steam at the fact that we were not sold the proper stroller!!  (but that’s another post – the company is no longer is business, so why bother ranting.)  But after 3.5 years, its held up well and I’m still using it often.

Bugaboo Stroller Wheel Board_attached

My most recent purchase on Amazon.com was the Bugaboo Stroller Wheel Board.  I LOVE it!  It has been tremendously helpful now that we live in Carlisle, PA on post and WALK almost everywhere.  My 15mo sits happily in the stroller and the nut-cake 3.5yo just “holds tight” while standing on the board.  It can be a little challenging to maneuver it because its easy to hit the wheel with your foot while walking, but still worth the money!  I personally think its much easier than trying to keep the 3.5yo strapped into a double stroller AND fits nicely in the cargo space.  The “time-saver” is eliminating the time suck from letting the 3.5yo “help” push the stroller; or lollygag behind us; or run off on her own, etc.  She’s having fun and looks like the captain of her ship!  If your age gap between kiddos is similar (2 – 2.5 years), its definitely worth it!