If only I had used these from the beginning with my first little angel, maybe my life would’ve been a little easier the last FOUR years!

Aden & Anais’ swaddling blankets are a must for all mamas!! Now those geniuses at A&A have created the Easy Swaddle too! I would still recommend the swaddling blankets because you an and will use them for years. My 4yo still sleeps with hers.

The quality of the fabric is by far the best out there. They are large so you have plenty of room to make a nice, tight Swaddle that will keep your little wiggly worm still and STAY asleep longer.

These blankets have so many uses!
– perfect to take anywhere you go, rolls up thin and tucks nicely into your diaper bag (keep a spare in your car at all times)
– in a pinch you can use it to change you’re baby if you can’t get to a changing area that you are willing to change your baby on. (Think gross restaurant bathrooms or rest areas when traveling)
– light and airy cover for nursing
– quick wedge to keep your baby’s head straight in the carseat/infant carrier
– nap times, use to cover any bed or surface you might lay the little one down on for a nap when out visiting
– temporary sheet if you are in a hotel and have to use their crib
– drape over infant carrier to keep germs and/or sun light when out and about

These are just a few examples. I’ll update as I recall more.

They are not cheap, but worth the investment. They are a little less expensive if you can find them at your Target store. I have both blankets (some from actually company and some “made for Target” and have never noticed a difference).

This is my favorite baby shower gift to give! My baby whisperer friend Linda got me the first set and I will be forever grateful!! These blankets made my baby sleep when nothing else worked.

Sleep tight little ones!