Let’s be real, taking care of those tootsies seems like a luxury when you’re a new mom or mom of little ones. You have very little time to yourself and/or a hard time spending dollars on yourself. I found a product that is amazing and NOT expensive!

Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy

To be honest, I don’t like to wear shoes at home, and especially shoes that require socks! In Texas, you can usually get away with flip flops all year long if you are a stay or work from home mama. After four years of this, my feet look pretty gnarly! My heels are almost always cracked and even the tips of my toes dry out. Permanent callouses- need I say more?

I had to visit the podiatrist because of pain I had at the very edge of the ball of both feet. Diagnosis: severe callous build up from not wearing supportive shoes. After a $80 exam and medical grade pedicure, I was feeling a little better but very frustrated. I was advised to wear shoes that would support my heels and use a pumice stone regularly along with moisturizing. Really?!?! I rarely get to wash my face at night and forget to take out my contacts – now I need to care for my feet on a daily basis?!?! I knew I was in trouble.

My first step was to find some quality shoes to replace my flip flops. KEEN was a Godsend!! I found a pair of KEEN Whisper Slides $85 – so worth it since it was the only shoe I would wear that covered my toes, supported my arch and cradled my heels. They are waterproof and my feet or shoes never smell bad.

Next, daily pedi-duty. That didn’t happen. I was back to cracked heels, although not as bad as pre-KEENs. I tried my foot lotion collection but nothing seemed to help. I went to the podiatrist’s website and saw the recommendation for Kerasal. another Godsend!

I bought a small tube of Kerasal at Walmart ($8.99) the next time I was able to get out. After my next quick shower, I decided to try it. I just rubbed some in and put on a pair of socks and continued my day at home. Before I went to bed, I took off my socks and was stunned by the awesome result after one single application! The deep cracks were gone! Still had some major lines showing the cracks but they were not crevices anymore! My toes looked normal, no white tips of dried toe skin. I was thrilled!

So about three weeks went by and due to momnesia, I forgot to keep using it. I happened to notice the cracks again and quickly resolved that issue with another application. I still use it every few weeks as necessary.

I cannot believe the result. Now I just wish there was something to trim, file and paint my toes at home that leaves my feet looking fancy. I’ll post it when I find it.