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I’d like to state that I generally don’t buy the “as seen on tv” products anymore since they have failed me previously. However, I was in Bed Bath and Beyond and this Pedi Spin Callus Remover caught my eye. I rarely get to treat myself to a much needed pedicure. My feet are terrible!! I hate wearing shoes at home and I’ve paid the price since I am home most of the time as a Homemaker moonlighting as a Marketer! My heels are bad and the few times I have had a pedi, the tech usually gives me the disclaimer “I might not be able to get all of this in one treatment.” Well shame on me!! So I bought the Pedi Spin for $14.99 plus my 20% off coupon!

Results: awesome!! I will suggest not getting to crazy with it. I actually had some hot spots from it using it on high for too long. Otherwise, it really worked so well that I regret not taking before and after pictures. So my toes don’t look professionally polished but they are decent and my heels look lady-like again. You can purchase on Amazon as well and it ships Prime! Pedi Spin Callus Remover