You’ve been there, walk in for ONE quick item and walk out with a cart-full of much-needed items… maybe just not all at once.

I am moving for almost a year and will be back to my home. However, I’m trying to get it organized now so packing won’t make me evil! Every time I go to my very new and very close by Container Store, I just can’t help myself. Plus I am usually with my girls so I can’t focus and just go haywire!

Now the marketing geniuses at Container Store have made my life so much better with Click & Pickup. It’s that simple, order online, choose your store, set up a pickup time and if you call before you arrive, they will even TAKE IT TO YOUR CAR! No more getting the kids out when all I need are a few items. I tried it and it works like a charm. Thank you Container Store Angels for making this mama’s life a little easier and sane!